Head Beer Geek

Chris Nowlan

Chris’s obsession with beer began in 1999 while living in the UK. This exposure to the wide world of international beers continues to influence how he brews to this day - from the styles he’s inspired by, the ingredients he selects, to the brewing processes used to bring each beer to life. 

Since those early days, he’s been indulging his passion for beer through a combination of home brewing, beer tourism and involvement in the Beer Judge Certification Program. While working in the Canadian agriculture industry for the past 15 years, he was an active leader in the homebrewing community, competing in the Brewer of the Year circuit and receiving over 200 medals. After being named Canada’s Brewer of the Year for 2016, he made the jump to brewing at the professional level, bringing his knowledge of beer and business to Inner City Brewing.

 Chris’s goal is to create beer and a brewery that beer geeks, like him, are excited about.




Eli Horne

Eli is a born and raised Calgarian. He found his way into the craft beer scene while working as a cook at Fergus and Bix and was instantly hooked. He enrolled in the Brewmaster and Brewery Operations program at Olds College, graduating in 2016. Once finished school, he got a job at Big Rock Brewery where he worked as a brewer and a lab tech. He joined the Inner City Brewing team as our first employee in the summer of 2018.