Modern Hoppy Blonde Ale

Enjoy the hops in a shaker pint glass

A modern blonde ale; hazy, big and juicy hops and light malt character. Tropical fruit explodes at you from the glass supported by a light bready malt. Smooth and easy drinking with a light bitterness.

Inner City inspiration: Calgary, AB


The 800 Block

New England Style IPA
5.8% (Strong Beer)

Best enjoyed in a tulip glass

Hazy, Hazy, Hazy. Big juicy stone fruit and tropical aromas supported with a light earthy dankness and sharp notes of pine. So smooth and crushable. Firm bitterness that lingers lightly on the tongue but doesn’t interfere with the onslaught of hoppy goodness. The malt supports with hints of bread crust.

Inner City inspiration: Montpelier, Vermont


Hub & Spoke

Vienna Lager

Enjoy the malty notes in a shaker pint glass

A classic amber lager beer. A rich but soft malt character layered with a lightly spicy and herbal hop note leads to a lightly dry and crisp finish that leaves you wanting more.

Inner City inspiration: Vienna, Austria



English Dark Mild Ale

Lots of room for this in a shaker pint

SRM: 15

The ultimate beer for a hard day’s work. Sessionable but full of flavour. Layered malts bring hints of chocolate, toffee and dark fruit that disappear quickly from your palate, making room for the next sip.

Inner City inspiration: Manchester, UK